Spa for hands and feet at the Riedlberg

Hands & feet

(also for expectant mums)


Nail filing (no clipping), finger bath, cleansing of the nail body, gentle correction of the cuticles. (excluding varnish)


€ 54.00


Spa hand care

The hands are cleansed by a caring exfoliation in the hand bath. Through the subsequent hand mask and hand massage the skin is silky smooth and regains its youthful freshness. (excluding varnish)

approx. 25 min.

€ 42.00


Cosmetic foot care

The toenails are cleansed in a foot bath, after which the cuticles and calluses are removed. Toenails are clipped and filed. (excluding varnish)


€ 59.00


Spa foot treatment

The feet are cleansed by a caring exfoliation in the foot bath. This is followed by a relaxing foot massage. (excluding varnish)

approx. 25 min.

€ 42.00



For hands or feet with a varnish of your choice to take home.


€ 16.00



So that we can prepare ourselves for your visit in the best possible way, a few more hints!

Please let us know your application requests at an early stage (preferably by means of the registration form, which you will receive with your booking confirmation). Please tell us about pregnancies or serious illnesses. So that we can reach you for further inquiries, please give us your tel. no. or e-mail address. Please understand that we can only give you your exact appointments when you arrive at the hotel. For short stays (for example, Friday to Sunday) please announce arrival time, so that we can start with the treatments on the day of arrival (in case of missed appointment 70% default bill).

Sunday is a holiday. You want to surprise your loved ones? We are happy to issue you our feel-good vouchers. If you have any questions, please call us, we will gladly advise you on the selection of your applications.

Spa for hands and feet