Tradition at the Hotel Riedlberg

From 1912 to today

Even today one you can see the original mountain inn in the Riedlberg. It has been family owned since 1912 and was carefully converted into a comfortable 4-star spa hotel during this time.

Today, as then, warm hospitality and a cosy atmosphere define the house, which has remained manageable with only 44 rooms, suites and apartments. Many guests have accompanied us through the development of our family business. We would like to thank you for that. And the history of Riedlberg continues. Thus, we will be happy, if you would also like to go some of the way with us in the future.

The Riedlberg has been owned by the Grassl family since 1912. Since then a lot has happened and he has been constantly expanded and developed into a 4 star wellness hotel.

1912 was a year of many changes: The PVC was invented, but only used economically 23 years later. The Titanic, believed to be unsinkable, went down on its maiden voyage, and negotiations with England to restrict fleet expansion failed. During this time, the economist Josef Grassl bought the Riedlberg, which he gave to his son Heinrich Grassl for his wedding with Josefine Grassl, born Geiger, in 1949 as a dowry Since Heinrich Grassl had come from the war badly injured, and could no longer do the strenuous work on the estate and in 1952 it had just 6 guest beds.

Josefine and her sister Maria Geiger, who were involved from the beginning, had thus no less (but more) work. Heinrich Grassl began to realize his ideas. So followed in 1954 the construction of a swimming pool, and a restaurant with another 8 beds.

History of the Hotel Riedlberg

1961 Extension to 30 guest beds by expansion of the barn. An enormous step forward, under the greatest financial risk, was the construction of a floodlit ski lift in 1967. For this purpose, the road had to be relaid and rebuilt, as this previously went over the new ski lift slope. In 1968, the number of beds was increased to 54 through a large new building with a restaurant (first room with shower/WC).

In 1974, at the age of 23, 50% of the operation was transferred to the second son Josef Grassl, actively supported by his wife Christa, born Hagl. With a solid base of basic knowledge and a sense of time, he built the Riedlberg to what it is today such that it can measured with the best hotels of the Bavarian forest today. To be innovative was Josef Grassl's favourite pastime, because he was already thinking of the environment in 1979 and equipped the roof with solar panels that provided warm water in the outdoor pool. 1980: New construction and increase of the middle part of the house; 1983: Modernization of the rooms built in 1961. Now all rooms were equipped with showers and toilets. 1984: Construction of the practice lift. Now Josef Grassl had assumed sole responsibility for the operation. 1986: Modernization of the new construction of 1968. 1988: New kitchen, beer rooms, entrance and reception.

At the beginning of the 1990s, Riedlberg became more and more concerned with indoor swimming pools. In 1991, with the expansion of the bed capacity to 62, it created the basis for a cost-effective consideration for these pools. In the middle of 1992 the time had come: With the ground breaking ceremony for the panoramic indoor pool, the foundation was laid for the still unknown wellness concept. The hotel was doing well at this time and you would think that it was time to just relax. However, the then 28-year-old ski lift gave us a headache, because the technical defects piled up and it was up for discussion whether its operation should be continued.

The decision was made in favour for the lift, which was upgraded to the state-of-the-art on this occasion, and also got a 2nd floodlit ski slope. The willingness and the risk of investing in quality and service paid off. 1996: Construction of office and cold storage rooms. 1997: Expansion of cosmetics and massage area, as well as new construction of the guest house with apartment for the Grassl and Mühlbauer family. Kerstin Mühlbauer, born Grassl and her husband Stephan Mühlbauer are since 1998, the 3rd generation involved in the operation. The house now has 78 beds.

A quantum leap in 1999 was the admission to the "Wellness Hotels Germany". This meant permanent quality improvement for the benefit of our guests. 2001: Expansion of the wellness area on more than 1000 square meters, which is exclusively available to our guests. A long-cherished wish came true in 2002 with the construction of the entrance hall with reception, bar and the redesign of the restaurant. These rooms provide security and a relaxed atmosphere. In 2004, the rooms, which were modernized in 1983, were enlarged and converted into romantic rooms. 2006 redesign of the garden pond with sun decks. Creation of a combined heat and power plant (CHP), which supplies the "Riedlberg" with electricity and heat. Since Christmas 2007, 3 new apartments are available on the second floor of the main house. In 2009, the ski lift was extended with a toboggan run, which allows guests in the winter to pull themselves up with rental sledges and through the winter forest about 900 meters to the valley station.

In June 2010, the entire south wing was modernized with 20 rooms, the staircase was relocated and 1 elevator installed. The number of beds is now 98. The ski lift has been equipped with a complete snow making system, so skiing is guaranteed from around mid-December to mid-March.

In 2012 our house chapel "To the holy angels" was inaugurated in June due to a wedding. Likewise, another investment was made in the snow-making system and in the floodlighting system.

In June 2013, our biggest construction phase took place. The complete massage and beauty sections were relocated and rebuilt; over 30 additional different relaxing possibilities emerged; a light-filled gym with state-of-the-art equipment was created. 4 existing rooms were modernized and 1 new family apartment with about 110 sq. m. was added. The hotel now has 44 rooms / 100 beds. The restaurant and the buffet area has been enlarged, as has the terrace. At the end of October, an additional new outdoor pool with year-round use and indoor access was completed directly at the indoor pool. In the spring of 2014, the entire garden was created at the new outdoor pool. Different quite areas emerged such as our "apple tree house", swing chairs, hammocks.

In December 2015, the "Riedlberg Oim" was created directly on the "old outdoor pool" instead of the ageing "Schirmbar" at the ski lift. In the cosy huts, the ski and toboggan fans can warm up during the winter with a mulled wine or punch and watch the colourful bustle of the winter sports enthusiasts through the spacious panoramic windows.

Since the spring of 2017, major refurbishment work is in progress. Our kitchen is getting old and much too small for the growing business. The result is a completely new kitchen with storage rooms and front cooking in the new restaurant. Similarly, the entire parking lot is converted into an underground car park, in which a parking space is available for each hotel room. An extension of the wellness area with brine pool, large panoramic outdoor sauna, new relaxation room "place of light" as well as "refresh" of the existing saunas will also be available until July 2017. By September 2017, a new hotel lobby with many cosy retreats, a new reception with a view of the new garden will be created on the underground car park, and the hotel expansion in timber construction in which new "chalet suites", each with about 45sqm, balcony and " Grand Chalet Suites "each with approx.100 sq. m. including large roof terrace with sauna can be booked.

Bavarian ForestCoat of arms of the Graßl family

Of course, we would be delighted if you would like to be a part of the Riedlberg history in the future and support the development of our family business.

On this occasion, we would like to sincerely thank the many regulars who have been loyal to us for years.

At the Hotel Riedlberg, tradition is our top priority.