Our Waidler chapel of Riedlberg

"To the holy angels" - Because wellness does not end with the body.

Waidler Kapelle zu Riedlberg - Innenraum

The Waidler - Chapel of Riedlberg was inaugurated on June 30, 2012

Dear sisters and brothers - Dear visitors of the Chapel "To the Holy Angels" on the Riedlberg, the family Graßl has now realized a long-cherished wish next to the beautiful wellness hotel, which has been running successfully for many years and has built the chapel "To The Holy Angel” from local round timber.

It is a treasure and an oasis for the soul of the visitors, inviting to rest and contemplate. Only where silence surrounds us, can we humans look at our life and let the prayer rise up in us.

This small chapel is intended to stimulate both hikers and hotel guests to stop by. It is less the religion of the individual that matters, but the awareness that we are all creatures and children of God, who gave us life and nature.

A contemporary "wellness" is not only the physical well-being, but also a good mental balance. Body and soul are inseparable - we humans are a body-soul unity. "Mens sana in corpore sana!" -A healthy spirit lives in a healthy body!

With the naming of the chapel, Christina and Josef Graßl have thought a lot and finally chose the patronal feast of the chapel "To the Holy Angels".
Angels are pure spirits that were created by God before the creation of the world. They are messengers (Greek Angelos) of God and give us humans the divine will.

In the great creed, the church prays:

"We believe in the one God, the Father, the Almighty, who created everything, heaven and earth, the visible and invisible world.”

The Catholic Catechism of the Congregation mentions:

"Even the angels are created in Christ and by Christ. After all, the angels are personal figures of the protection and care of God for the faithful. In the well-known Psalm (and hymn) "He who dwells in the protection of the highest", trust and confidence in God are justified by this: "For he commands his angels to guard you in all your ways.” So the angels are "ministering spirits, sent out to help those who are to inherit salvation.”

The Bible itself is the basic document about the angels. Both the old and the new testament have many passages about the existence of angels.
Jesus himself did not dismiss the belief in angels as superstition. He spoke of his belief in the angels as a matter of course. He especially addressed mothers and fathers when he said of the children: "Their angels always see the face of our Father in heaven". (Mt 18:10)

In the church year we meet the angels with whom we make contact in every holy Eucharistic celebration on two feast days:

On the 29th of September and on the 2nd of October.

The texts of the day prayers offer reflections for our meditation on angels as well as for our life with angels.

Riedlberg - Kirwa am 03.10.2015

Day Prayer at the Feast of the Three Archangels (September 29):

Michael, Gabriel and Raphael

God, you arrange everything with power and wisdom; you divide their services to angels and people. Grant that the power of evil does not prevail, but send your holy angels, who stand before you in heaven, into this world to protect us from all evil. That is why we ask through Jesus Christ.

Day Prayer at the Guardian Angel (October 2)

God, in providence, you care for everything that you have created. Send us your holy angels to help us protect us in all our ways, and give us your eternal joy in communion with them. That is why we ask through Jesus Christ.

Klaus-Peter Lehner - Kath. Militärpfarrer, Ingolstadt

I wish the builders of this chapel - the Graßl family - as well as the visitors of this "oasis of silence" happiness, health and God's blessing, as well as the love and closeness of the holy angels!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Klaus-Peter Lehner
Catholic military pastor, Ingolstadt

Waidler Chapel in Drachselsried - Hotel Riedlberg