Hüttengaudi and Après Ski on the Riedlberg Alm

Welcome to the Riedlberg Alm

Riedlberg Alm - Hüttengaudi im Bayerischen Wald

The Riedlberg Alm in the Bavarian Forest has been specially designed as a stop for a bite to eat for skiers, sledges and hikers. The Oim (Alm) is only in operation in winter during the opening times of the Ski lift Riedlberg. On certain days, there is a proper cottage atmosphere. In the mountain cottage you can expect a rustic simple and contemporary style that invites you to linger. The outdoor area with its sun-facing terrace is ideal for observing the young talent, who are taught their first turns by a ski instructor on the practice slope of the ski resort Riedlberg. Simple food and a variety of drinks of every kind is served.

Cottage parties take place regularly on the Riedlberg Alm. On these occasions, a DJ puts on the latest charts, hits and cool rock songs.

RiedlBerg Oim in Drachselsried Bayern ... that's how you enjoy life

Opening hours Riedlberg Alm:

On the days when the ski lift is in operation daily from 10:30h to 16:30h - in floodlit skiing from 20:00 to 23:30

Riedlberg Alm - that's how you enjoy life!